Laomadian Lodge Lobby


Laomadian Tea House


150 year-old fresco restored by  Swiss architects inside Lamadian courtyard


Shaxi old town center, its old theater on the Sideng market place


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Shaxi Laomadian Lodge

Laomadian signifies ‘Inn for old horses’ and it used to lodge caravan owners traveling on the Tea-Horse Caravan Road, from Xishuangbanna to Tibet and further, transporting and trading mainly tea, but also other merchandises like salt, silver, copper etc. Situated between Dali and Lijiang, near Jianchuan, Shaxi was one of the important trading centers on the Tea-Horse Caravan Road since several hundred years.  Winter 2006, after 4 years of restoration work by Swiss architects with the help of Jianchuan government and several Swiss and International fundings, Shaxi has regained its beauty and starts to attract visitors from afar to admire this one of the last well-conserved market centers on the famous Tea-Horse Caravan Road.

Shaxi Laomadian is a compound consists of 3 courtyards and 6 shop-fronts. It is being renovate into a modern Lodge with 9 standard rooms and 3 dormitories, a tea house and a fusion restaurant/bar (Karma Cafe).

For Contact and Reservation:

中国 云南 大理 剑川县 沙溪镇

寺登街古城 老马店客栈

Laomadian Lodge/ Cafe

Sideng street, Shaxi old town

Jianchuan 671302, Dali

Yunnan, China

Tel/fax: ++86-872 4722666(lodge)

           ++86-872 4722777(Cafe)